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I have been a biker for over 30 years now and I am also the Managing Director of my own manufacturing Company (www.cymarc.co.uk) which has some very sophisticated manufacturing technology including laser profiling equipment.

I have combined my passion for biking and my engineering resources to design and manufacture very high quality hand finished parts as an alternative to mass produced, cheap & poor quality aftermarket parts from abroad. I also try to take very good original parts and improve on the design if I can.

In recent years Mick and Aaron have joined the team and share the same focus, pride and passion as me in what we do. We are all good `all-rounders` (helps with holidays!) however Mick specialises in production and customer service with a noteworthy eye for attention to detail & quality. Aaron is the brains of the outfit 🙂 with his strong suit being in tech and media (our fantastic site and regular newsletters are all down to him).

We all love bikes and you can call any of us at anytime for advice with no obligation to buy anything. It`s very rare, in this world, that a customer can ever speak to the person who actually made the part he or she has purchased but at Cymarc Bike Parts you can!

The pride in what we do and the intimate knowledge we have in our products which we make has resulted in a phenomenal success with fellow bikers who appreciate the massive difference we can offer to other retailers.

Made for Bikers, by Bikers!

Hoots is on Holiday – We’re Still Making BMW R1250 GSA Accessories!!

BMW R1250GSA Accessories

Even though Hoots is off on his holibobs this week us lads have been hard at work making BMW 1250GSA spotlight guards and radiator guards!!  (Honestly boss!)

R1250GSA  Spotlight Protectors and Radiator Guards

Work has begun on preparing a big bulk order for a distributor this week.  Including our brand new R1250GSA honeycomb grille spotlight protectors and radiator guards.  Cymarc is also making other products for additional models of BMW motorcycles. 

Our new honeycomb grille spotlight guards are now finalised and are ready for sale.  This has been done, in part, to coincide with the new honeycomb design so they match beautifully.  The new honeycomb design has been implemented for two main reasons.  Firstly due to the much higher strength the pattern offers compared to other design patterns.  Secondly because aesthetically, the honeycomb is most pleasing to the eye!

Testing in Action!!

We actually tested the strength of the new honeycomb grille spotlight guards by throwing house bricks at one!!!!  Deliberately trying to cause damage and/or failure, but we failed miserably and there was barely any scratches!

We contacted a previous customer from earlier this year, who had ordered the earlier R1200GSA spotlight guards we manufacture.  Turns out that his bike was a very late model R1200GSA which has the new larger spotlights that the R1250GSA has, so the earlier guards don’t fit.   Cos we’re such lovely blokes we contacted him and explained about the new design that will fit his spot lights and offered to make him a set with bespoke text to suit his bike. (we really do take our customer care that seriously!!)

We will also be designing and making a bespoke adaptor rack for a customer in America.  The customer wants to continue using a top box case from an earlier and different model BMW motorcycle on his new R1250GSA.  Currently no one makes an adaptor plate to allow this.  We were asked if we could make one which of course we graciously accepted! (we love a challenge!!)  The rear rack from his BMW motorcycle is being posted to us so that we can bespoke manufacture an adaptor plate to fit.  We are super excited to do this as it’s work we all love doing.

Easy Grip for the Rear Rack

Aaron has also begun work on a new prototype for an ‘easy grip’ on the rear rack of the R1200GSA and R1250GSA.  Allowing a lot more purchase to be made when lifting the bike onto the center stand. (we’ve also found it can also help people with neck problems lifting the bike)

The design began as a simple off-centre tube with finger grips sunk in, 3D printed with a low density PLA. We now have it looking a lot sleeker and have moved on to a high density ABS.  

Our Aaron busy in the workshop!


This week has seen a lot of branding and updating of various older product designs as well as our new range of products. Our goal being to bring Cymarc Bike Parts more up to date and in line with other manufacturers.

Part of the updating has been the introduction of the new honeycomb grille design on some of our most popular radiator and oil cooler guards, which we are hoping will become our most popular design yet, as very few other manufacturers use this design as it is very tricky to work with, but we now do, because we can!

Product branding, we feel, is also very important in the current marketplace, with so many other manufacturers hitting the market with their own versions of the same products we manufacture. We feel that just relying on the over engineering of our products compared to other manufacturers products, may not be enough now so we want to go the extra step further by ensuring that our name is proudly present on all of our most popular products.

Bundle Deals

A new section has been introduced on our store recently and that new section contains our bundle deals! Grab a bargain and kit out your R1200, R1250, XR, or even Suzuki V-Strom!

Radiator and Headlight Protector Bundle

We have bundles ranging from the protective to the utilitarian, for example, grab our Radiator and Headlight protector bundle, would be £186 separately, grab the bundle for £150! (a replacement headlight unit alone from BMW goes into the hundreds each time!)

These also feature our quick release design to allow for easy cleaning of the headlight lense whilst the radiator protectors feature sprung prongs designed to bounce off smaller stones!

Utility Box and Number Plate Box Bundle

As for the utilitarian we also offer our Utility Box and Number Plate Box bundle where you can save almost £40! Increase your carrying capacity massively with both of these boxes which are TIG welded by Mike along the joins making them incredibly strong. Following that they’re powder coated to protect the aluminium from damage. Both also feature their own locks and rubber trim to protect them from the outside world.
Another great bundle we now offer is our hugely popular windscreen strengthening brackets, which all but completely eradicates the terrible windscreen shake that GS/A’s suffer from, and also for those who find the GS or GSA just that bit too tall, we also offer our seat lowering bush set which will lower your seat by 10mm, making maneuvering a lot easier and more comfortable. Buy this bundle and save over £18 on the price of the separate parts. 

Motorcycle Luggage Bundle

For those of you who like to use the GSA for its intended purpose, Touring! We now offer a new bundle which will help you with your extra luggage capacity. This being our hugely popular pillion seat plate rack which replaces the pillion seat and provides a flat surface area and allows greater ease and security for strapping down extra luggage for those very long tours!

We also offer another of our popular products for the long distance tour rider who prefer the soft luggage option! Our soft luggage heat shield provides indefinite protection from heat damage caused by the bikes exhaust system. Get these two fantastic touring products together as one bundle and save yourself over £30!

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